As sung by Maren Morris, "I find my soul revival, singing every single verse".

Born in 2003 into a music loving family, Jorja and her three sisters were often found dancing and singing along with a wide variety of genres.

Music is her passion. Whether it be playing on her guitar, singing or dancing she loves anything that connects her to or evokes emotion in an audience.

Her songwriting reflects the family values instilled in her. Writing enables Jorja to express her morals and the emotions that come with being a teenager in a modern world.

Jorja graduated the Junior Academy of Country Music in 2018 and 2019 where she had the opportunity to collaborate with artists, namely Travis Collins with her original "Gold" and Melody Moko with her original, "A Little Piece of You".

So please be a part of Jorja's journey as she experiences music in her unique way, chases her dreams, and shares with you all the ups and downs of whatever may happen along this exciting road she is on.​​​


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